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January 28, 2014

A wee little something

Hi. I realize I never post on here. I actually feel weird about having a personal website which is NEVER updated. It’s just that I’m going through some transitional stuff, nothing dramatic, but the whole personal branding, me me me me me me-ing of the Internet isn’t sitting too well with me at the moment.

That said, I worked on a fun project with my upstanding and incredibly talented friend Katie Lapi. She animated an interview I did with David Cross eons ago. I’m really happy with how it turned out.


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September 10, 2013

This old thing

Having a stale website makes me anxious. Instagram’s totally ruined this for my, for reals. Anyhow, here’s some photos of summer highlights. Even though I didn’t go to one cottage or on one camping trip, I still had decent to excellent times.


I played golf for the first time, for 45 minutes and was really good at it. We had someone who had something to do with Tiger Woods teach us the basics. It is such an old, white man sport but I see the appeal.


Holy! I met Julie Klausner and she complimented my outfit! That wasn’t suppose to happen. I was the one suppose to be complimenting her! We got it all wrong.


Dutchie is living a spoiled life in the North of York with elder Levs.


Geez, I saw a shitton of gorgeous photos of my friend Liane, since TIFF started.


Discovered Jen Stark and my mind actually expanded into time and space.




Went to Paris but unfortunately didn’t really take too many shots of the stunning scenery. Here’s staple friend Rachel, who came all the way from London!


And the most attractive and wonderful couple in the world, Amaury and Natalie. They were wonderful hosts.


I stayed in a swank hotel for a few nights that had an underused but charming courtyard.


Horse balls on a weird statue.


Hey Sebastien!


Paris etc.

Next week I go to Jamaica, so maybe I’ll post pics. Toronto’s been good to me thus far, I’m surprised by how little I long for Vancouver. Sorry, this is flat and boring, I just don’t want to diminish into oblivion because I never update my site. I think I need a really simple re-design. Having a job makes me care so much less about my personal brand or whatever. As if you care…

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June 20, 2013

I’m sometimes in love with the Internet.

This is a mash up of sentences of what has been my life lately:

Taking a street dance is making me justify buying a new pair of Vans.

Doing a travel story next month/long over due trip to Paris. There is so much I need and want to accomplish in a short amount of time. Got any suggestions?

Could always use more (NICE, RESPECTFUL) male attention.

There was a poutine station at this Quebec City tourism thing I went to last night. My kind of party.

My dog is living with my parents. I have her on weekends. It’s made me realize that if I had gotten pregnant in high school, I would have made the best weekend parent.

I live in the heart of downtown now. Trinity Bellwoods is the new Third Beach. (Minus the mountains and salty ocean. Instead, substitute percussion circles and juiced up assholes playing agressive games of catch.)

I don’t feel like talking about myself on the Internet anymore, having exposed my asshole to it, like, three months ago.  I wonder if that has something to do with growing old? It’s kind of petrifying.

This has something to do with acting.

My website’s seem so out of date. I remember a point of time when they were my life. Now I don’t know what to do with them. I feel like I’ve given up on my younger self.

Anyhow. Emoting.

I’ve known Catto Houghton since I was 14. I went to her art show after not seeing her in like, a decade. It melted my brain with goodness. This is everything I love right now. Shapes and math and palettes and shiny wood. 

I work for a corporation that I respect and am fascinated by. It is SO MUCH FUN. My job is basically curating the shit you spend some percentage of your day looking at, but aren’t suppose to. Fun, right? How did that happen? Whatever the answer, I’m pretty thrilled. 

Digging this palette. Sorry if I sound like an arty artist. I’m living a block away from OCAD.

All in all, Toronto has surprised me. I haven’t had a hankering for Vancouver yet, which I never thought I’d say. The people…well that’s a different story. I get a couch in a few weeks. Who’s going to come for a visit?

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April 25, 2013

You can’t tell me nuffin

Hey there person reading this. Question for you: Are blogs even relevant anymore? I mean, with everything happening in real time, from your Smartphone…what’s the point of blogs? Set the record straight in 140 characters or less. It can be done so who cares about anything else? Nonetheless, I felt compelled to write on here ’cause the only “me” writing I’ve been doing these days is my morning pages, which I never re-read. A lot has happened since my last post.

For one, I published a piece that got me more attention and feedback than anything I’ve ever written before in my entire career. That was cool. You can read it here. It was also the most challenging thing I’ve ever written…took about four months, in which I did literally 10 versions, two of which were on spec.  I was surprised to learn that it was considered NSFW by some, since I thought NSFW involved visuals but whatever. Anyhow, the whole thing was thrilling and rewarding and the positive feedback was overwhelming. I felt a lot of love. The highlight was probably the reaction pieces it inspired, including this one. Oh, and attracting my first groupie, which is maybe a story for another time. I was also surprised to learn that I wasn’t alone in my patterns. So yeah, all in all, a good experience…even though I hated myself while I was writing it. It also helped me learn that I’m somewhat of an exhibitionist, but not in the looking to get caught fucking kind of way. I dunno…I just get a kick out of making people feel things. It’s better than the opposite, I suppose.

Since my last post, I’ve also moved back to Toronto. It happened very fast. I was kind of feeling stagnent in Vancouver, though my love for it never waned. Just kinda feeling directionless. Then out of nowhere, an old co-worker/friend of mine recommended me for a sweet gig with a company I’d heard a lot of good things about. I really love it when opportunities come to me, so it was hard not to go along with it. Freelancing was getting me down and I just wanted something exciting to focus on and moving is generally exciting. Or at least it helps me focus. Anyhow, so now I’m in Toronto. I’ve started work, which is awesome. I feel weird talking about the details of work, particularly when it’s not freelance, since you know, I have to maintain an air of professionalism and stuff and I really don’t identify as a professional in the sense that I’m not good at being, you know, grown-up-y. (I fucking loath the idea of LinkedIn, fyi.) What I will say is that it’s a creative gig for a company that’s far from going down the tubes, which can’t be said for a lot of the journalism gigs I’ve worked in the past. Like, they have bowls of fruit around the office and fridges full of beverages. It’s a conflict-free, attitude-free, ego-free vibe, which I LOVE and all in all, has been superduper. So I’m grateful for that. I also just found a great apartment very close to the MuchMusic building, which my teen self would be thrilled about. I’m soooooo excited to buy new furniture. I don’t miss Vancouver yet, since I’ve been so consumed with settling in, but I do plan on visiting some time this summer. Stock up on my beach time.

So, I rarely take photos that aren’t on my iPhone but here are some regardless. If you follow me on Instagram, forgive me for the duplicates.

I tried to soak in as much Vancouver as I could before I left.

Our pal Buddy is no longer with us :( I’m gonna miss him so much.

Dutchie LOVES cats. Unfortunately, they usually don’t share her enthusiasm. However, her and Ollie (yes, he’s on a leash) have an amazing chemistry and it’s fucking ADORABLE. He licks her! HE LICKS HER!

I had a goodbye/take all my possessions party before I left. I also have attractive friends.

This was the mess I was living in for a while. Didn’t I post a very similar picture of Sergia, Cecilia and Eugene a little while ago?

One night, I wound up at one of the ex-members of Stink Mitt’s house. It was like a mushroom trip dream. This was her bathroom. She also owned a bong called The Chronmower, which was spectacular.

We trecked out to Burnaby to try out this new ol’ timey sode shoppe. My sundae was very standard but the sodas were delicious. And oh yeah…BABY WITH FUNNY BABY HAIR!!!!

My best friend owns these pants and sometimes leaves the house in them, but to his credit, he lives in Kensington Market.

I think that’s it. Oh blogging. What’s the point anymore? Anyhow, you should get in touch. I love getting attention over the Internet. Tell me about the best part of your day and what makes you happy, ok?


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March 10, 2013

In lieu of therapy

The above photo is of me (posing for the camera, looking like I’m) having a moment of clarity and peace in the middle of a meadow.

That’s the kind of vibe I’m trying to maintain these days.

That’s where I’m at.

More to come soon.

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