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January 18, 2011

What makes you emo?

Click here to read I’m a Good Story and click here to listen to the People’s Program Project.

I love being busy. I much prefer it to not having anything on the go. Not having anything on the go makes me question myself too much…because that’s all I do.

Last week Hilary Henegar and I went to the opening of SweaterLodge at the MOV. They obviously didn’t have a budget for canapes. (WHAT? I’m a part-time foodie. I’m allowed to judge.) We still had an amazing time.

Us being arty in front of a giant polarfleece sweater.

It’s such an ambitious idea. It takes a while to get over how bizarre it is but I love what the MOV is doing. It integrates community, which is what they’re all about. Keep doing your thing MOV. You’re certainly doing something right.

And keep giving us free drink tickets at all your openings.

Having a giant poster of Miles outside your store is a pretty good idea. Shhhh.

Tourism Vancouver hired me to write about this Secret Soiree event put on by Swallowtail and it was so much fun. Best of all was that Sarah was the bartender! And the wine was soooooo yummy. (Shit. Trying to avoid that word as a food writer. I’ll only use it if I’m talking to four-year-olds.)

I woke this guy up. He was a bit grouchy but wasn’t too bummed.

The gift shop at one of the places we visited was kind of dated.

And now for some videos.

My friend Scott Smith’s newest project, Skins, is airing tonight on MTV in the US and Movie Network in Canada. I’m just using this as an excuse to post that video he did of me and my buds a few years ago. (I had my hair and makeup done by a professional that night and was happy Scott was around to capture that. He’s talented.)

Also, my friend Louise Burns has a new video. And it’s so good! And I’m not just saying that!

(Wish I could figure out how to embed. Just click on the link, will ya?)

Louise Burns – What Do You Wanna Do? from Light Organ Records on Vimeo.

This video made me wonder who I’d want to go down in a plane with…

I think it would be Chris Jacot, for whom I am a muse. Lucky me to inspire such a talented mind. (He previewed something to me today that he’s working on and it got me really excited.)

Today is my one year anniversary of being a dog owner but I’m too tired of blogging to post a cute picture. Ok…I will. Oh, did you know that I started a blog for her too? I’m that girl.

Happy technically the saddest day of the year, y’all. Tell me about one good thing that happened…it would make me happy!

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April 11, 2010

An excuse to post pictures of Ali Liebert

Traffic on my site goes waaaay up when I post picture of Ali Liebert. Here you go.

My best friend Chris is in town this month from LA. It’s been divine. He’s the closest thing I have to family out west…one of those people I can (and do) call hourly without a hint of shame or embarrassment. He knows what to expect from me, and likewise.

A few years ago he did a movie called Hooked on Speedman. It premiered in Vancouver the other night at District 319, which is this fancy production screening studio place. Beforehand, I met up with Ali, who’s been doing the acting thing in LA until recently, and Rukiya, who’s about to pop. Here she is on the red carpet, with her dollar slice.Inside I got to see my dear friend Indika, who I would really like to have a baby with one day as he is the most stunning man on the planet…And his boyfriend Scott, who’s been busy directing some exciting projects…

The film was so much fun. Chris was great, as always…so fun to watch. Afterwards they had a q&a. I asked Chris what his favourite colour was (purple…MINE TOO!)

I didn’t take any pictures of Chris that night, but here’s a recent one of us…

Been busy with many, many different projects. Some interesting opportunities are sort of swimming around. More to come.

This weekend was dog-filled, as I was taking care of the infamous Grampa

They look like they’re buds here but it’s not really the case. Almost there. Grampa is the most lovable, friendly dog ever. Dutchie is super friendly, but mostly to humans. I think she’s jealous that he’s always going to be my #1 dog, in my heart. (That doesn’t mean I love Dutchie any less.)

Anyhow, off to the dog beach and then high tea at the Fairmont (for work. I got it pretty good.)

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