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March 7, 2011

Bored on a Sunday

Click here to read I’m a Good Story and click here to listen to the People’s Program Project.

Kind of bored on a Sunday. Spent the morning taking my dog on three separate walks. Now I’ve got a few hours to kill before Sunday evening plans. Might as well post some photos ‘n stuff.

Last weekend I spoke on my first panel at the TMAC conference. (I wrote about it for I’m a Good Story.) It was a tremendously fun day. Travel writers are a wacky bunch. I think I need to work on my panelist skills but overall, really fun times. I got to play ping-pong and learn about travel writing etiquette and meet really swell people.

Went to Blim community market last Sunday with my two favourites.

My all time favourite caterer, Open Sesame, was there.

I got a Cowichan for $40. I think the technical term is “magic sweater”… it’s warmer than all my coats combined. I’m absolutely in love with it.

Got to hang with Lady M…

And her mummy Rukiya. Long overdue.

Last week I had a dream about snowmen. I woke up to tons of snow and an army of snowmen, everywhere. Trippy, maaaan.

Finally, my dog has really been branching out lately.


She generally isn’t that interested in anyone or anything that isn’t me, so it’s heartwarming, and rare, to see her open up to other dogs. Glad I have evidence.

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July 16, 2010

Dog dayzzzzzzz


So the above is a composite of what my summer has consisted of thus far. A whole lot of sitting in parks with dogs, doing a whole lot of nothing. And it’s not that I don’t have anything to do. I have shitloads of work that needs doing. But I just don’t have it in me at the moment. It will all get done but for now, I just want to be bored. (Photo by Abby Campbell, the dog on the left’s mama.)

A few things of note. Remember my husband from this video? Well, he has a show on CBC Radio this summer called This is That, and it’s very funny. Margaret Atwood is a fan (she tweeted about it) as well as the National Post. Kind of like As It Happens meets Punk’d.

Rain City Chronicles had a great meeting this morning. Things are coming together quite nicely. In case you didn’t know, our next event will be at the Anza Club on Friday, Sept. 24th as part of Olio. The theme is…drum roll…SURPRISES! That’s the theme. Surprises. Kind of like Punk’d.

My dearest Louise Burns has posted new music that you should listen to right now.

Remember I told you about my friend Murray’s film Carts of Darkness, which you can watch online for free? Well, it’s been voted as best NFB film online. Holy crap. eh? It even beat the Log Driver’s Waltz! Wha?! I’m massively impressed. You should watch it. It’s profound and inspiring.

I’m doing a bunch of travelling in the next little while. Might be heading to a sweet destination within BC in the next few weeks, then LA, then Montreal, then North Hatley, then Toronto. So mentally preparing for that.

Things that have made me happy as of late…

Light summer lunches.

Two pound Pomeranians, that squeak.

Dutchie being taken for a walk by Olive, the half Boston half Wiener.

This part of my job.


Rukiya Bernard and Malikah!

The park is calling me. I’m out.

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April 11, 2010

An excuse to post pictures of Ali Liebert

Traffic on my site goes waaaay up when I post picture of Ali Liebert. Here you go.

My best friend Chris is in town this month from LA. It’s been divine. He’s the closest thing I have to family out west…one of those people I can (and do) call hourly without a hint of shame or embarrassment. He knows what to expect from me, and likewise.

A few years ago he did a movie called Hooked on Speedman. It premiered in Vancouver the other night at District 319, which is this fancy production screening studio place. Beforehand, I met up with Ali, who’s been doing the acting thing in LA until recently, and Rukiya, who’s about to pop. Here she is on the red carpet, with her dollar slice.Inside I got to see my dear friend Indika, who I would really like to have a baby with one day as he is the most stunning man on the planet…And his boyfriend Scott, who’s been busy directing some exciting projects…

The film was so much fun. Chris was great, as always…so fun to watch. Afterwards they had a q&a. I asked Chris what his favourite colour was (purple…MINE TOO!)

I didn’t take any pictures of Chris that night, but here’s a recent one of us…

Been busy with many, many different projects. Some interesting opportunities are sort of swimming around. More to come.

This weekend was dog-filled, as I was taking care of the infamous Grampa

They look like they’re buds here but it’s not really the case. Almost there. Grampa is the most lovable, friendly dog ever. Dutchie is super friendly, but mostly to humans. I think she’s jealous that he’s always going to be my #1 dog, in my heart. (That doesn’t mean I love Dutchie any less.)

Anyhow, off to the dog beach and then high tea at the Fairmont (for work. I got it pretty good.)

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June 6, 2009

Episode Up To 11

To listen to episode 11, click here.

So I hope this embed works. If it does, this is how I feel sometimes:

I’m going through some stuff right now (like the teen boy crying at his computer) but I don’t really know how deep I want to delve into it (like his father getting mad at him for doing so.)(I don’t know what the keyboard cat represents. Maybe my ongoing quest for a peaceful balance?) I generally don’t have much to hide but I’m hoping to channel what I’m going through into something creative that will reach a larger audience. So in the meantime I’ll hold off. Basically, I want to invest my crazy emotional life experiences in a more productive and creative way then the fellow in the video posted above.

Anyhow, I wish I could be more consistent with posting P3 but life’s gotten in the way. And this month is going to be crazy too. I’m moving out of the place I’ve been in for the last three and a half years. I’ve totally outgrown it. My current place is very loud. (As an aside, I sound like I’ve recorded myself in a can of empty beans on this episode because I did my intro and extro in my bathroom, since my apartment is super loud now that all the windows are open due to the heat. The acoustics in my bathroom aren’t the greatest.) This place has been very good to me but I needed something a little more mature and I was lucky enough to find something pretty sweet. But enough about me (at least for now.)

On this episode I talk to two beautiful actress friends of mine. Ali Liebert talks about moving to LA for pilot season and the roommate she was paired up with upon arrival. The second chat is with Rukiya Bernard, who tells me about her experience being a black actress in Vancouver.

Okay back to me. Here’s some pictures of my trip to TO last month.

This is Sonja Ahlers in front of an run-down cash outlet with some of the most non-ironic artwork I’ve seen in a while. Who don’t need cash? Raise a hand please.

This is the unflappable and ultra-stylish Jess Way. She’s one of those girls that you can’t get enough of ’cause her energy is infectious. I could use some of her right about now.

I ran into my dear, old friend Catto while she was putting up art for her first solo show at a fancy hip gallery. I ended up attending and it was a success! The fact that she failed to apply for a liquor license (they take 10 days to process) didn’t ruin the evening in the slightest. Her art is that good! (And she found a loophole and served liquor anyhow. )

My dad took me to this marble temple out in the middle of nowhere. It was a wonderful day spent with the man I love, respect and admire the most in the world. (Well, after Ludacris. And Danny Bonaduce, of course. Oh, and the midget actor from Seinfeld.)

I also got to check out the AGO, which is a masterpiece. Gehry did not disappoint. (Unlike the other guy. Ugh.)

Going up.

And down. (Naw, that’s just an excuse to post a picture of my favourite shoes. And some borderline camel toe.)

Seriously. The pricey admission is worth it.

What else? Oh, I interviewed two of the funniest comedians around Vancouver for Vice.

Lightning Dust will be playing a show put on by Lifetime on June 16th. They’ll be playing with Ladyhawk and a very special guest that I’m sure most people already know about (Hint: They’re from Guelph.) Lifetime do great things and are good people. I think I’m helping out at the door for that one.

What do I have in store for upcoming episodes? New music and interviews with Lisa Joyce Parry, Bogus Tokus (former members of STREETS and some other party bands I forget the names of…I guess you’ll find out when I interview them) and an interview with a girl who went crazy on her boyfriend and read his diary. Has that happened to you? It’s happened to me. Four times. With the same ex. So stay tuned!

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