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April 21, 2010

Being a tourist in a high class world

So I feel compelled to write about last night because I got to experience a world that is all very new to me. And I loved every second of it.

Every year, Dine Out Vancouver hosts the media for a night of eating, as a preview to the actual event. They put you in groups and shuttle you around to two different restaurants that are taking part in the two-week dining extravaganza. The restaurants serve you sample meals of what will be on the menu.

Tourism Vancouver put us in a party bus, which was  incredible and nostalgic, for several reasons:

1) I feel like I’ve watched too many episodes of Top Model to know exactly what the inside of those buses look like.

2) It reminded me of the last time I was in a limo, which was when I was 15. I was celebrating the end of this contract at this horrible camp. Clearly, the only way to really celebrate something when you’re 15 is to hire a limo. We hung out the window and whoo-hooed our little heads off, which inevitably led to us being pulled over by the cops.  Not so badass and high end as we were hoping to appear.

The first restaurant I got to go to, with my lovely group of fellow journalists and media types, was Au Petit Chavignol. It’s a cheese-based eatery that was exceptional. Some standouts:

1) The mac & cheese with bacon bits in it. Holy shit. Why didn’t I ever think of this obvious and perfect pairing?

2) The ridiculously handsome and well-dressed waiter. I wasn’t sure if I should flirt with him or if that would be completely unprofessional. So I was professional. What’s the etiquette on that? Seriously, get in touch because I want to know. (Or if you’re that waiter, seriously, get in touch.)

3) The hot chocolate cookies they give you at the end of the meal in a paper bag.

Next we went to Water St. Cafe, which is apparently one of the oldest restaurants in Vancouver. I was so stuffed at that point, I could barely get through my appy. Luckily, they gave us a doggy bag! Can’t wait to re-experience the magic tonight.

Then they vengabussed us back to the Fairmont Pacific Rim, which is by far the fanciest hotel this relatively green travel writer has ever seen. How often do you get to see this kind of view?

We got to hang out in the presidential suite. I think the bathroom was the highlight of the whole night for me…

This photo incorporates two of my favourites things: baths and views.

There was even a TV in there!

Bob from Vancouver Is Awesome was bummed you couldn’t see the TV from the toilet.

This stool (teehee) slash art piece was in there too. In case you wanted to perch before you unloaded.

Another highlight was having a brief but solid chat with Coleen Christie of CTV. She made me feel really great about some recent life choices I’ve made.

Anyhow, it was fun.

I’m currently celebrating 420 by listening to my most favourite of stoner bands, Black Mountain. Local boys and girl …go figure.

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