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Happy new year, six days in. How’s everyone feeling? I’m feeling pretty sluggish to be honest, but it’s probably ’cause I’ve eaten a total of four piece of bread so far today.

Not much to report. The rest of my holidays were great.

Hung out with some girls and talked about the ethics of science.

And got drunk.

Dutchie had a play day with her Internet sensation boytoy, Grampa. (Scroll down to #21)

Had a casual cuddle party with Miranda and Jeets.

Spent New Years with Lisa Joyce, who’s totally crazier than me but likes to debate otherwise. (We’re about even.)

She’s certainly more photogenic than I’ll ever be.

We went to check out Laugh Gallery, which proved to be just the kind of New Years party I wanted to attend. Laid back, good vibes in a venue that reminded me of an elementary school assembly.

A highlight of the night was watching one of my favourite comedians, Phil Hanley, perform. Always a treat.

Lucky for you, you get to relive the magic.

What else? Oh, got to take care of Dutchie’s elegant yet breathing-challenged sugardaddy, Jackson.

And I came across some giant sweetgrass. That’s about it.

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Posted on Thursday, January 6th, 2011 at 10:07 pm.

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