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April 8, 2010

Episode 23 – Rain City Chronicles Experience II (Part 2)

Click here to listen to Episode 23…the People’s Program Project presents the Rain City Chronicles Experience II (Part 2)

This episode featres the second half of a lovely evening called Rain City Chronicles that took place on March 29th at Vancouver’s Western Front. (Phew, long sentence.) The event is a storytelling series that focuses on a theme. The theme this time was luck.

So on this episode/recorded live event, we hear music by (former P3 guest) Louise Burns:

A story by Erin Millar about the time her smooth jazz ex-boyfriend’s luck ran out. (He wasn’t so smooth…)

Colin Horgan reveals why being a Pearl Jam nerd has its perks…

Lana Gay tells us about how she really paid her dues to get where she is today…

And a story  by Pamela Hart about how luck is about perspective.

Pamela chose not to use the mic so I couldn’t use her audio on the podcast. But let that be a lesson to ATTEND THE NEXT EVENT! I’ll be keeping you posted as to when that will be…

At the end of this episode, Karen talks about a bat signal and held up a sign that said #raincity. Basically, we created a hashtag for Twitter so that any time something story-worthy happens to you, you can hashtag it with #raincity. That way, we’re keeping the stories going until the next event. You can find us on Twitter here. We will soon be creating more of an online presence but for now, we greatly appreciate your support and enthusiasm.

Thanks again for everyone who attended, helped out and took part. It was a really special night. This city is full of fascinating people with incredible stories and we plan to hear as many of them as possible. It’s so encouraging to know there’s an interest. Yah for community and storytelling! Hip hip horay!

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April 1, 2010

Episode 22 – Rain City Chronicles Experience II, Part 1

Click here to listen to Episode 22 of the People’s Program Project.

Yah! The second installment of Rain City Chronicles was a huge success! It was so packed that we had to turn about 25 people away. Wow. Luckily,   I recorded it as part of my podcast so you can live the magic. The second installment should be out next week.

On this episode we hear stories all about luck, including…

An introduction to luck, by philosopher Charles Macurdy…

A story by Vancouver is Awesome’s Bob Kronbauer about how he got away with a heated situation…

A tale by Nadiya Chettiar about the time she almost ruined a play…

Charlie Demers talks about how he’s lucky in love and a left-wing cult…

Marsha Lederman and the story of the lucky gold watch…

And Rebecca Slaven, accompanied by Andre of The Obvious Peaks and Valleys, told us about her lucky best friend.

It was a really special night and we want to thank everyone who made it out and showed their love. We certainly felt it!

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